It's Spring. Time for some "life-changing magic of tidying up" Communications.

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Here in Boston it doesn’t feel like it, but it is officially spring. New Englanders start to emerge from their wintry cocoons, and dare to imagine flowers and flipflops again.

And everyone from Martha Stewart to the Container Store to Marie Kondo impress upon us that it’s time for spring cleaning – getting rid of stuff we don’t need it, lightening our material loads a bit, and generally making room for fresh air and new energy.

Same sensibility happens at work. It’s no longer dark when we get there, dark when we leave. Metaphorical green shoots sprout along with the daffodils.

This week I did a webinar titled “Breaking through Employee Communications Clutter and Overload” with the Boston IABC professional communicators network. Clutter and overload is a persistent issue, and we planned this a while ago, not realizing it was happening the first week of spring. Perfect timing.

Here are some highlights from the session. I’m happy to re-enact it with you or your team, and hope you get at least one great idea for putting more spring in your step, your strategy, your impact.

What is "clutter," anyway?

Why are employees so overwhelmed?

What's the answer? What works to make communication more relevant, meaningful, contribute more directly to moving the business needle?

Start somewhere.These 6 strategies overlap and may be obvious, but I'm betting if you apply some critical thinking and ask some new questions, 2017 will be the year you made great things happen.

Great questions came up in the session -- about how to shift to more social engagement; how to foster greater transparency in information sharing; what to do with negative employee feedback; and how to "teach them to fish" (help functions become better communicators themselves) without losing control...

If you'd like to see the whole presentation, or get some informal coaching, or just have a question, I'd love to hear from you at

Happy Spring,