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What’s an “employee” in 2030? (Or pretty much now...)

Self-driving companies?
Work that chases workers?
Conversation strategy bots?
Talent “rediscovery”?


“Organizations are a kind of technology on the verge of disruption.”

Have you met Devin Fidler? I did a couple of weeks ago, when he spun our heads around at the Human Resource Leadership Forum’s session talking about The Impact of New Technologies on Society and Work in 2030. Devin is the founder and CEO of Rethinkery Labs, a research and consulting firm that is “is leading the definitive investigation into the forces shaping future companies.”

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HR gets messy in Boston. Good stuff happens.

An HR Unconference and a DisruptHR event. On the same day. In Boston. Both very well attended by very energetic HR people. What’s up?

If we were talking about a hackathon or tech start-up fest it would be unremarkable to see some messy meeting formats happening. But we’re talking about Human Resources here. Leaders and up-and-comers who seem to be emerging from their reputational backwater as the function of “No” and summer employee picnics. (Disclaimer: I LOVE HR people and all they do, and I work with them everyday to make their workplaces better.)

Quick pause for comedic context: here’s an example of what HR is overcoming:

Q “How many HR people does it take to change a light bulb?” [Read on…]

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